Total strangers donate prized possessions to save infant with rare condition

November 5, 2012

After learning about 7 month-old Casen Buswell's story, Ron Cook decided to donate his cherished 57' Chevy Bel Air in honor of his mom and to save Casen's life.

Although Cook had never met Casen or his family, he gave up his most prized posession to help him. Cook lost his mom recently to lung cancer.

Casen has a rare vascular condition called GVM Plaque Type. There are only 14 known cases of this in the world today. Plaque harden's the body's vessels, muscles, and skin which can lead to heart failure.

The only established treatment center is in Belgium, which is costly for Casen's family. The $10,000 raised for the Chevy Bel Air will help pay for some of the the expensive travels. But the story gets even better.

Della Phillip, the winner of the raffle for the 57' Chevy Bel Air, donated the car back to Casen for a second raffle to raise even more money. Phillip had never even met Casen or his family.

That's two total strangers raising money for an infant fighting for his life. Casen's mother, Jenna, was deeply touched by the support she and her family has received.

"You can't put any - there's no price tag to it," said Jenna. "It's just amazing to feel the love and to know that Casen has so much support."

KOMOnews who reported the story has raised an additional $21,000 from online viewers.

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