How To Make Your Life Happy Fast

February 5, 2012

There is a reason why in most religions there is some sort of a set of rules telling how to live life. It’s not so that all people would be the same, but to make their lives easier. For example, in Buddhism there are the Four Noble truths:

(There are many translations of these truths in English, here’s my best bet…)

1. Many things in life bring suffering.

2. The origin of suffering is craving which leads to more attachments.

3. It’s possible to end suffering by ending cravings.

4. You can end cravings by following this eight-fold way: right view, right intention, right action, right speech, right effort, right livelihood, right concentration and right mindfulness.

And in Christianity, there are seven virtues:

1. Prudence (the ability to discipline yourself by the use of reason — thank you Wikipedia)

2. Justice

3. Temperance (not drinking alcohol)

4. Courage

5. Faith

6. Hope

7. Love

If you don’t follow such rules, your life will be ruled by fear, guilt and regret. If you follow these rules, your life will be much happier.

Now together with these religious laws or virtues, take note of the guidelines below. Try living according to such guidelines for one or two days. When you notice an immediate difference in how you feel and a better quality of your life, you may decide to continue living this way.

Here are the guidelines:

If you are always tuned in to your common sense and refuse to do what feels bad to your inner self, your life will become happy.

If you are good to everyone no matter how they behave towards you, your life will become even happier.

If you infuse all the actions you take with love and attention, and take time to accomplish them in a perfect way, you will experience an unbelievable quality of life.

If you let the money easily flow in and out your life without congesting the flow with fear of not having enough or regretting over “lost” money, even more abundance will flow to you.

If every day you remember to thank God that you are alive and for all the good things that come into your life, God will also not forget to reward you with more goodness.

And instead of complaining if you try to understand the lessons behind every misfortune, your mood will get uplifted instead of depressed.

If you stay present more than lost in your mind, you will start being happy about even the smallest positive things in your life.

If, in stead of getting angry at someone, you try to understand where they are coming from, your life will become much easier.

And if instead of letting the fear cage you in, you would allow your heart to lead you, it will show you the life full of love and adventure.

If you are an observer of life rather than an unaware participator, your life will be filled with spiritual awakenings and depth.

And even if you are an active participator of life, don’t forget to be always the observer of yourself also, and thus you will still not lose the depth of life.

If you make the most of the situations that life gives you, God will reward you with a better life after some time.

If you conserve your energy by not talking for the sake of talking, or doing something for the sake of doing it, your life will be filled with youth and beauty.

If you don’t try to gain anything at the expense of another, you will never see lack of any sort.

You can start living like that for a few days – that will be enough for you to see some results which will encourage you to continue living according to these principles. These guidelines will surely make your life easier and happier.

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