1st-Grader With No Hands Wins National Handwriting Contest

May 7, 2016

A seven-year-old girl born without hands has won a national handwriting contest.

Anaya Ellick, from Chesapeake, Virginia, does not use prosthetics. Instead, she uses her forearms to write.

no hands girl wins handwriting

The first-grader reportedly beat out 50 other competitors to win the prize at the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest.

"We want to say how proud we are of Anaya Ellick, a first-grade student at Greenbrier Christian Academy (GCA) in Chesapeake, Virginia, who earned the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship," Zaner-Bloser posted on Facebook. "Our team was honored to award Anaya her large trophy and a check for $1,000. Her determination and spirit is an inspiration to us all."

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