An Old Man With No Arms Was Having Trouble Eating, So This Restaurant Employee Stepped In

February 22, 2016

A food server for Jollibee Agoo in Agoo, La Union, Philippines has gained the admiration of people across the world after he was photographed feeding an old man who did not have arms.

According to Marie Zelda Idelle Biteng who shared the story on Facebook, she saw the old man eating at a table by reaching his head down the table so his mouth could take the food off the plate. Though it must be very difficult to eat that way, the elderly man did not complain.

Noticing that this diner was having a difficult time eating, service crew member Jemcy Garcia Carino immediately went to the table without being asked to do so. He cut up the old man's food and began feeding him patiently.

restaurant worker feeds elderly man with no arms
Via Facebook / Marie Zelda Idelle Biteng

Kudos to you, Jemcy Garcia Carino. May you find success in all your future endeavors!

(h/t) buzzflare

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