Flood-Hit Homes And Businesses Were Attracting Looters, Until These Bikers Stepped In

December 31, 2015

Motorcycle clubs in England are using their "bad boy" image to do something good for their community after looters have been targeting flood-hit homes and businesses.

bikers good news
Lloyd Spencer and Dave Cariss of The Drifters motorcycle club. Credit: Handout / The Guardian

With the blessing of the local police, night-time patrols are being carried out by bikers to protect people and their property.

"We saw people post on Facebook that they were trying to deter looters, and I thought who better to do that but 20-30 burly bikers," said Dave Cariss of The Drifters MCC, who has been organizing the patrol with his motorcycle club chairman, Lloyd Spencer.

More than 30 bikers have gathered to keep a watchful eye at night and into the early hours.

bikers helping community
Photo Credit: Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

"We are not there to hurt anybody. We are not there to scare anybody. We are just there as a presence to deter people who are trying to take what’s not theirs," said Cariss, 30, a waterways worker from Bradford.

"We spread out and go wherever needed. The police understood what we were doing. We are not there to offer anything physical. We just show our faces. Obviously we are not vigilantes. A lot of us are quite big, chunky lads, so that helps. We don't have to really say anything, just turn up," said Spencer.

Spencer said he's planning a fundraiser at his pub this weekend to drum up money to replace some of the children's toys lost in the flood.

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