Students raise money to save teacher with severe illness

July 21, 2012

You know you are loved and appreciated when your former 3rd grade students take the initiative to raise over $14,000 in an effort to get you back into the classroom.

That is what happened to Anne Mekalian of Baltimore, Maryland when a life threatening illness suddenly took over her life. Due to the spread of a rare blood infection causing gangrene in her arms and legs, her only option for survival was to amputate all of her limbs.

The popular teacher was a favorite by many students at the School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

Students and their parents got word of her condition resulting in many neighborhood lemonade stands and cookie sales in an effort to raise money.

Third grader Casey Brown got together with her classmates and came up with the idea to make a video about Mekalian's condition and post it online. A local filmmaker in Baltimore was contacted and agreed to make the educational video.

Since posting the video online, the fundraising page to help Anne Mekalian teach again has raised over $14,000. This helped Mekalian purchase prosthetics for her arms and legs. She has already began learning how to drive with her new limbs.

When Mekalian was asked about her students efforts, she had this to say.

"It's just really heartwarming, if you think about it. This started out as a group of 8-year-olds, and how many 8-year-olds would have the idea to fundraise for a teacher?"

An exerpt from the kids on the fundraising page...

"Please help us make Mrs. Mekalian's wish come true. She made such a difference in our lives and we now want to make a difference in hers."

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