A Piece Of Bread

By Joseph J. Mazzella • June 19, 2014

I was sitting in my car in a convenience store parking lot nibbling on a biscuit that I had bought for lunch. The morning had been busy and full of errands and the afternoon looked like it would be even busier still. It was one of those days that we often get in modern life with too much to do and too little time to do it.

I had decided to take a five minute break then and eat my biscuit slowly instead of wolfing it down while I was driving. I had found that little breaks like that were essential to keeping my heart happy, my mind clear, and my soul at peace. I said a little prayer of thanksgiving to God for the food and beautiful day and watched the green leaves of the nearby trees dancing in the breeze. As I was taking another bite of biscuit I noticed a little bird flying from the trees to the parking lot looking for any crumbs it could find. It was so small and yet so beautiful. I watched it for a minute searching for food and then heard the gentle voice of my Heavenly Father in my heart and mind, "No act of sharing is ever insignificant in my sight," it said. I smiled when I heard this. Then I tore off a piece of my daily bread and tossed it to the bird. It hopped over, grabbed it with its beak and flew away.

I drove away laughing and spent the rest of the day with a little more joy in my heart. My sharing had done even more for me than it had for the bird. It had reunited me with myself. It had brought me closer to God. It had reminded me that in the busyness of our days here, it is our little acts of kindness and our little moments of love that are the most important things of all.

We are all put here to love. We are to love God. We are to love ourselves. We are to love everyone as ourselves. We are to love life. We are to love this world and all its creatures. No act of love is ever too small either. Even a piece of bread is priceless in the eyes of Heaven.


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