A Call From The Dead

By Mia. Jo • March 7, 2014

I remember seeing myself running in the woods. Don’t know what I’m looking for but I was just following the path. Somewhat or somehow I ended up in some random streets in London. I don’t know if it was really London, but when I saw the Big Ben and overheard people’s conversation, I knew it has to be London, because of their thick accents. I was extremely happy, it was my dream to be London and all of my favorite pop stars are here! Yet it didn’t make sense. How did I, an ordinary girl just came running in the woods and end up in the streets of London?

It was confusing and hard to believe but this is it! I’m in London! Out of the blue, the day got darker. Clouds slipped away from the hands of the night sky, just a little bit of them forming a gate around the full moon. Most of the street light weren’t on, so it got lonely and the road faded in the dark. Cars lessened and it got quiet. It was so empty and I felt cold and didn’t know how to get back because I would get lost in that dark woods. I spotted a bench by the subway, so I sat there hoping for someone to help me get home or mom would definitely get me grounded for days and I really don’t want that happening.

After waiting there for a very long time, no one showed up and my eyes were already giving up on me. I slide back slowly on the bench and as long as I could remember, I was fast asleep. I don’t exactly remember if I was drowning into deep fantasized dreams but everything happened so quickly and it almost felt like I couldn’t catch up with time.

I was awaken by a loud shout for help. I could hear him so near from me; the street is lonely anyway. I got up and looked around and saw a young boy who seem about my age yet tall and thin, being chased by three dark shadows. I couldn’t get to see the chasers but I realized knives in their hands. The boy was like a radiant; he was glowing whereas the other guys are like black shadows simply chasing him. Everything seem very familiar, like I’ve recognize this scenario happening. My feet moved faster and I started chasing after them, wanting to know and remember what will happen.

I ran as fast as I could but everything happened so quickly and I was just too late. That poor boy was kicked hard to the ground and when he tried to get back up; those three black shadows stabbed him all over his body and left him bleeding all by himself. The black shadows then ran off leaving the boy there in pain. Although I’m looking at this happening from a far distant, I can already feel his pain, and almost saw everything in his eyes just in a quick second. I ran towards him, but then the boy vanished. Like “Poof”! I was so dumbfounded and I thought to myself, “What in the world just happened?” That boy who got stabbed seems familiar to me. It feels like I’ve known him in and out. It’s tickling my funny bone in a crazy way yet scares me to a way I can never consider logical. I just witnessed a violent behavior or should I say an attack of a young boy right in front of me, and when I was about to help him out, everything just disappeared?

I closed both my eyes shut for a moment and stood there not doing anything but just stayed in total silence. I took a deep breath and my lungs felt clear for once and exhaled; finally feeling a little calm. The air seems fresh and I felt free. I tried to clear my mind on what I just saw, hoping it was just a terrifying nightmare and pinched myself hard. Well that hurt but as I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in my room or that dark street of London; it was a bright garden. There was an old oak tree with a swing tied up to it and beautiful flowers assisting it. The grass was fresh green and I could not even spot any other than green pigments. There was no sun to be found but the day was bright and I didn’t feel the heat but it was a cold chilly breeze. The strangest thing was that the flowers changed colours every now and then. They even swayed along the breeze while a melodious music is being played.

“Hello there.” I heard someone behind me and I turned to see a tall figure of that same boy. I could see his face clearer now. That beautiful face he has, with freckles and that sweet smile of his made my heart tender for a minute. “Wait, aren’t you the one who got attacked by three whatever you call it was just now?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m Ben. I was sent here to guide you in the way of life.” I couldn’t help myself, so burst out laughing. First he was attacked by a three dark shadows and now I’m here in a beautiful garden trying to find peace or simply wake up; just to find this young man to call him my guide?

He stood there not saying a word but he gave an unexplainable stare that made me wonder. I tried hard on remembering him, his name, face, that voice which I’ve never heard. Something struck my mind and I realized that he’s the Ben I’ve been dying to see. Wanting to know but he died in the age of 16 and it’s too late for me to see him. “Oh God! It’s you, Ben! You’re Brooke’s brother!” I said aloud. He chuckled a little seeing my impression towards him and said, “Yeah and I know you know me well. I’ve been sent to watch everything you’ve been doing. It’s definitely crazy I know but I know you way better than anyone else even though we have not met in person. I’m no God but it’s my task. I’m still learning to know you better but every time; you never failed to surprise me, little one. Right now, you just got to believe that whatever you just saw, felt and whatever that it is, is simply happening and it’s true.” I nodded and felt a tear drop on my cheek. I felt very happy to finally see him in person.

The melodious music was already sinking in the air and I couldn’t hear it anymore. The flowers were just doing the same thing as they were just now but I felt like I was standing far ahead form them. For that moment I was in a distant where I couldn’t touch them and fell their soft petals on my skin.

“Wait. Why did I see you being attacked just now?” I asked being totally clueless. “That’s just a test.” He said leaving me with no further explanations. “A test? What does that supposed to mean?” I asked again. “Some questions are better to be left as questions without the answers. Just watch and learn, you’ll know the answer yourself.” He said and paused before he continued. “You have a gift. Most people fear death but you don’t really do. You wait for it to come as soon as possible. You are very eager to know the afterlife. Wanting to discover the truth beneath and the lies which are right in front of you. Like a death seeker, why?” So it’s his turn to ask me now? Fair enough.

“I don’t really know how to tell you this, but when I read the way you imagined heaven to be, it was simply amazing and I wanted to feel it. I just want to be happy for once and laugh till I die.” I said shortly. “Your read my short story? Wow! Thank you!! But you are happy.” He said. “I’m not. I’m just living this endless steak. Feared for almost everything. I just act it out like I’m brave but I’m just not. It’s like I’m falling down this deep pit and there’s no one to pull me.” I cried.

“Anyways, what is this place? What am I doing here?” I asked almost sounding irritated with this whole surrounding. “Your time has not come yet. Death is not your end. I know how it feels. Been there done that.” He said trying to be casual. “You don’t know how it feels to live like this, Ben. You don’t. Sometimes just only sometimes I wished to die just like you. In vain. I’d wonder if I actually mean it but to be totally sane, I do!” I said being a little sarcastic in my tone.

“I know that, but you need to live. You’ve got destinies to create and complete. You have to do what He has told you to. Now is just not your final. Sometimes, you might feel like you’re not worth to live but you just got to know one thing; Life would actually wonder if it’s worth for you. It’s complicated but you’ll have to solve the puzzle, run in the maze and you just got to strike the match to light it all up.” He said as we ended up walking and reached the end of the woods I left just now. “But how will I ever be happy when I go back? Everything is already falling apart. No one will ever be there and tell me to stay strong, to comfort me and tell that everything will be fine!” I knelt to the ground feeling almost hopeless and to finally give up.

“There will be someone out there for you. Just be patient. You’ve made it this far and I’m proud of how you’re holding on to it. Just wait and see. That person is there but sometimes you don’t see ‘em. I wished to be there for you but I can’t. Remember your quote? ‘Life is like a road trip. You just gotta enjoy it along the way even if it came to an end.’ Well you got it now, so enjoy every part of it. Your end is nowhere near. My journey on the Earth plane is over, now I’ll have to start a new one here. It’s hard to get used to but I know I will soon. Trust me everything will be okay.” He advised.

I cried like a reckless kid hoping not to go back, but he’s right. I’ll have to do it and make through it even if it was the hardest part of life. He held up my wrist which was filled with scars and placed a soft kiss to it and the marks disappeared. I smiled up at him. “Now it’s about time you go back and discover what’s left behind. You’re clean and your sins are forgiven.” He winked and had a cheerful smile plastered on his lips. “How I wish to have a brother like you, Ben.” I smiled almost tearing. “You are my baby sister and that’s why I’ll have to take good care of you. The reason we are here now. There will be a day when you could join me there, in a world I call Paradise!” He widened his hands to the breezy air. “Paradise?” I laughed at him.

“Hey, can I know how I got here? Like did I die or something? Was I in a coma?” I asked. “You didn’t die yet silly; you were called here to come, so I could tell you what you truly need to know. Everything that I should advise you and simply that. You’re one special kid, Ann.” He smiled. “Oh well, that’s weird. So I’m asleep now? It’s just a dream?” I asked. “Do you really ask that much questions? It’s only a dream if you think it is. I told you to believe it, remember?” He said. “Oh, yeah! Got it! Again, why?” I scratched my head. “No more questions, little one! I told you everything that it is and will be. Nothing more.” He crossed both his hands and stayed firm to his reply.

“Thank you.” I hugged him tight and said my last goodbye to him. I ran back following the path in the woods and finally reached my house. The day got darker like just now and I slowly sneaked up to my room and slept. I still have no idea on how or what Heaven or like Ben’s world, Paradise would actually look like but I know it’s definitely beyond my imaginations. Even if I keep hallucinating it, it’ll never be the same. There will be a dash of change every single time.

“Heaven is not a place you’re supposed to be in now, the Earth plane is simply livin’. Your choice depends on your heart and soul but death is something foretold.” –Ben Kinsella


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