She Offered Her Brand New Stuffed Toy To My Daughter

By A Friend • June 28, 2024

My 2-year-old daughter had a procedure today. In recovery she was so upset and beside herself for a long time, despite the best efforts of the lovely staff.

A young girl, maybe 10-12 years old who had also just had a procedure came and offered her brand new stuffed toy to my daughter to cheer her up.

She fell in love with it straight away and cuddled and kissed it, and it really did cheer her up.

If that girl’s mom is on here - you have a beautiful daughter and are obviously a wonderful parent. Please tell your daughter that her act of kindness meant so much to both of us, and her little toy is being cuddled to sleep as I write this.

I’ve also used this example to show my 7-year-old daughter what a difference an act of kindness can make for someone and it has made a huge impression on her. I hope she pays it forward one day.


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