I Could Never Thank Them Enough...

By A Friend • May 31, 2024

Today, me and my class went on a field trip to a museum, and we had to eat lunch in the cafetaria in the museum. There were other classes from another school, and they had taken over almost all the tables, there were only 3 left.

The girls went to the bathroom, while the boys and I went to the cafetaria. They sat at a table that wasn't big enough for all of them, and even though they could just sit with me, they just took all the chairs to let me sit alone.

I was sitting alone, when suddendly someone from the other school walked up to me and asked if I wanted to sit with them. I instantly said yes, because something like that never happened to me.

I sat with them trough the rest of the lunch break. When the people from the other school had to leave, I thanked the friendly people. I am just kind of amazed how unknown people are more friendly to me than the people that accualy know me.


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