My Daughter Had The Best Night Of Her Life

By A Friend • February 26, 2024

Like many this weekend we made the treak to Sydney to see Taylor Swift after only getting tickets on Thursday.

I got what I could and they were actually a few rows and seat apart, which meant I would be seperated from my 7 year old, well she turned 8 today!

We made plans to boost her confidence at sitting a bit away from me and had back up after back up if we got seperated.

No need, the two lovely ladies who sat next to her gave her the time of her life. They helped her with her shoes, sung with her, danced with her, took photos for her and made last night a magical experience.

I thanked them last night and they said we wanted her to love it as they were friends who met at a concert 10 years ago and meet every year for something.

Ladies, if this gets to you, you made my heart so happy and my daughter had the "best night of her life", thank you so much! Bonus mention to everyone who kindly spoke with her and traded friendship bracelets, she often gets nervous and your kindness gave her confidence to enjoy the busy atmosphere!


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