A Kind Reminder To Look Out For Our Elderly

By A Friend • January 3, 2024

This post isnt for recognition but a kind reminder to look out for our elderly.

I was at our local marketplace last week. I went to order a coffee from the food court. In front of me an elderly couple had asked how much for a medium coffee. The girl told him $4.50 he then turned around and started to count what coins he had.

He then asked how much it was for a small coffee when the girl told him he turned to his partner and said, "its ok got enough for you to have a small coffee".

This just broke my heart hearing this.

The girl was becoming impatient.

I walked to the counter and said I'd like to order 2 large coffees, 2 sausage rolls and 2 donuts and to give them to the elderly couple. I paid for it all got my coffee and walked off knowing they were going to have their coffee.

I turned around a little distance ahead and it tore my heart to pieces. They both were standing there crying.

Our elderly sometimes need our help as some are too proud to ask for it. Hope you all have a good new year


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