It Helps Me Believe In The World Again

By Mary • November 27, 2023

I was on my way home, walking along the main street of Newtown, Sydney, and as is typical on a weekend, spotted a market stall with jewellery run by a woman with a gorgeous black toy sized poodle. Her dog was 13 years old and all over me.

We had a great chat about how much we loved poodles, and how they are the second smartest breed after Border Collies.

Then I looked at her jewellery and was particularly attracted by a black and silver bracelet which contained onyx. The price was very reasonable, but she insisted on gifting it to me.

This was a beautiful moment, as onyx is meant to be a powerful protector, and I am about to have a (hopefully final) surgery on the 7th of December. Here's to affectionate dogs and moments of connection.

It helps me believe in the world again.


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