Today I Had To Fly Interstate Alone

By Gaynor • November 24, 2023

This morning, before I left for the airport, I hurt my back and I could hardly lift my bag off the floor never mind into the overhead locker. One of the flight attendants did that for me, they didn't need to. I was very grateful.

A man sitting in front of me must have paid attention to me getting help, and when the plane landed, he got my bag down for me without me even needing to ask. He then proceeded to carry my case off the plane and down the stairs for me, and waited at the bottom for me to get off to get my bag. I didn't even need to ask.

The lady sitting next to me carried my other, pretty heavy bag, off the plane for me. I didn't even need to ask, and she wouldn't take no for an answer.

I then saw her again at the baggage carousel and she waited with me and got my bag off the belt for me. I didn't even need to ask.

I would have managed to do all of these things on my own somehow, but for these amazing humans to sense that I needed help and just step in without me needing to ask, that was simply the most beautiful experience I have ever had, and I am so grateful for those angles taking time out of their lives for a total stranger, when they could have very easily just went about their day.

I'm feeling very grateful right now, and I hope that these people get all of the best karma in the world for their kindness.


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