I Am Gobsmacked

By Colleen • August 7, 2023

Friends, I have to share this with you! I was just on the receiving end of a lovely act of kindness!

Making small talk with the grocery delivery driver today, and commented on my luck at finding a particularly rare flavour of sofdrink I love. I was extolling it’s virtues while lamenting the fact that, while it wasn’t cheap, I had to treat myself, and he said that was one of his favourite soda flavours too. I suggested he go get himself some to try while it was still around. I’d first seen it a couple of years ago, but hadn’t been able to get it for ages!

After he left I kicked myself for not cracking the box open and giving him one to try.

Well, just now my dog alerted to something, so I took him for a look out the front. And there, on my front porch, was 2 x 10-packs of this drink! I am gobsmacked at the act of generosity!

Sir, if you’re reading this, please know how much you made my day! I’m very grateful, thank you so much!

Ps, I hope you like the flavour as much as I do!


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