Yesterday While Out Driving With My Aunty, She Said She Felt Her Car Was Pulling To The Left

By Kate • July 31, 2023

Yesterday while out driving with my Aunty, she said she felt her car was pulling to the left.

We stopped at her local farm shop and as soon as we parked a lovely young man approached her window. He told her that her rear left tyre was very flat. He had been driving behind us and followed up into the carpark.

He then whipped out a portable tyre pump and proceeded to put air in the tyre so we could get home safely. He was so kind and said it was no bother as he didn't want us to have an accident.

My Aunty is in her 70's and she was so touched and said it had restored her faith in human nature.

Thank you young man, you have been raised well. Blessed Be.


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