It's Humbling To Know Someone Helped And Hugged Her When She Needed It

By Shannon • July 19, 2023

My daughter new to driving and having a license, just called crying and said she had an accident, went into mum panic mode and made sure first she was OK and so was everyone else!

She calmed down, and said it wasn’t an actual accident but a piece of metal or something had been dropped by a car on the road, consequently the car in front braked hard and swerved to miss it and then my daughter slammed her breaks, missed having an accident but has hit the object, she did the right thing by pulling over and putting her hazards on! But being a P plater got a terrible fright.

A very BIG thank you to the beautiful lady who she said that stopped and offered assistance by removing the item and placing it on the side of the road, and then checking over my daughters car with her and finally giving her a giant big hug.

When mum or dad aren’t there it’s humbling to know someone helped and hugged her when she needed it and to all the other cars that stopped whilst I was on the phone to my daughter making sure she was calm before driving off, that also offered assistance and help and was truly generally concerned about her welfare, it was incredibly kind and so humbling to hear!

So very big love to those that are reading this and offered assistance literally 15 minutes ago, especially to that lady and her beautiful appreciated hug on Cranbourne Frankston Road, near the RSL in Frankston, you guys bloody rock!!



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