He Has Made Such A Difference To Our Lives

By Chloe • June 23, 2023

I’d like to share my story of kindness and generosity. I had a minor car accident and needed to get a new car asap and I don’t have savings. Everything is more expensive these days so I saw some dreadful cars for around $5000 but then I found one advertised for $4000, a 2006 Hyundai that is a big step up from my 1997 excel that cost $2k about 8 years ago.

This newer car has some external damage and only 1 key but it has power locks, steering and windows, newer tyres and safety airbags so it is much better than my old car. After a test drive I said I wanted to buy it. The seller, Richard, said that he only wanted me to pay $3500 as we are the kind of people who he had hoped would buy it. He said he’d had some horrible interactions with people pressuring him to sell it to them. I’m a solo parent of an 11 yo and I think he was very taken by my lovely lively girl and her tale of how we had had an accident and the car just doesn’t feel safe anymore.

I transferred the money and the next day he was kind enough to drive it over (we live in an adjoining suburb). Then he told me that he’d paid 3 months registration, filled the tank and bought me a new key! They cost almost $300 - How amazing! That’s about $1000 that he has saved me, what a wonderful man.

We have been driving around feeling so safe and happy, he has made such a difference to our lives!


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