Is This Just THE BEST Interaction You've Heard?

By Bernadette • June 2, 2023

I'm on a beachside caravan holidays out walking early, got caught in the rain on the way back. On the path ahead of me I see an elderly gentleman in his 80's, shuffling along in his raincoat towards me. I call out a hearty cheerful "good morning" we then have this conversation....

Him: "Good morning" he approached me and holds out his hand which is hidden in his jacket sleeve. "Here is your reward for being out so early this morning"

I hold out my hand and by surprise he drops a mintie into it!

Me: "Oh thank you so much!"

With a twinkle in his eye he says "We're cranky aren't we?!"

I laugh! "No we're the only ones out so we're crazy not cranky!"

He chuckled that older man laugh, And he turn away to walk off. I then called "Can I please give you a hug?" so we hugged.

Me: "It's my birthday today you know and this is my first gift today!"

Him: "Well you better have a great day then" with a big smile.

Me: "....And it started with you!" and I blew him a kiss. He just walked away smiling.

Is that just THE BEST interaction you've heard? I hope it warms your heart like it warmed mine.


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