I'm 9 Months Pregnant, Due Any Day Now, And I Had A Nail In My Front Tire

By A Friend • May 15, 2023

I'm 9 months pregnant, due any day now, and I had a nail in my front tire.

I was on my way to the auto shop to get it fixed when my tire blew out!

Thankfully, I didn't lose control of my vehicle but I was so scared. I pulled into the first parking lot I could get to, which was a random motel in La Puente, CA, USA. I was so scared and contemplating what to do as my husband was at work over an hour away and I didn't have triple A (roadside assistance).

While I sat in my car wondering about my next steps, a man came up with a friendly smile and said he saw my tire. He offered to help me change it to my spare.

I was so thankful! I was so frazzled and normally, I would just look it up and change it myself, but this huge belly was in my way. I was horrified when I saw how shredded my poor tire was (and thinking how lucky baby and I were that I didn't lose control of the vehicle) but the spare (not pictured) was about to get my home and my husband was able to go with me to get a new tire put in later that afternoon.

So thankful to this good Samaritan, thank you Richard!


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