An Amazing Life Lesson Supported By The Universe

By Michelle • May 10, 2023

I had spent some time in the morning talking to my granddaughter about being 'generous' she had a lot of chocolate and lollies from going to the local show and buying sample bags. I asked her had she thought about how she was going to share her good fortune with her step sister? "No!" she said.

Which was what prompted my gentle encouragement to share and why being generous is a good thing. Not sure she was convinced, we then headed out on the town, in Sydney. I wanted to show her Chinatown and shop at the markets.

After shopping I took her to a sushi train restaurant.. she is a fussy eater but will eat Tuna sushi. She was having a ball and even tried some new tastes whilst I taught her how to use chopsticks. We were having a nice time.

I noticed a man sitting near me having lunch.. he got up to leave.. and upon leaving he paid for our meal. The shop owner checked with us if that was OK..I started crying so touched. Then he was gone before I really had time to thank him. My 9 yr old granddaughter was really taken aback by this. We were then also gifted dessert by our waitress. Double bonus.

Upon leaving I tipped then $5.

Then said to my granddaughter "we don't really need a free lunch do we? So now we have to pay our good fortune forward". She got this straight away and was eagle eyed looking for a homeless person. At the station entrance she saw a homeless woman and she raced up and gifted her our lunch money. The woman's face lit up and she thanked my granddaughter profusely. She skipped back to me.. her heart full. I got to say.. and "that my darling is what generosity gives you.. a happy heart."

I followed up with my daughter later in the week and heard that each night when she was allowed access to her chocolate stash.. she was dividing it up and sharing with her sister.

An amazing life lesson supported by the universe. Thank you to the stranger who gifted us with more than lunch


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