I'm Just Blown Away

By Kristina • February 19, 2023

Went to the gym to join (again) a few days ago. As a mum of twins (3.5yr olds) I don't make much time for myself but had resolved to sign up. I picked the one a little further away but with a weekly pay, no contract option because I have a history of joining and not going. Had my little boy with me as he was at home sick. The person on the counter knew us both because she taught him and his twin sister a few years back ('20-'21) in kindergym (I was the late mum with two twins and no family support looking permanently like I needed coffee!!!).

So.... she signed me up. Gave me the contract and said she had shouted me. A year's gym membership. Apparently she'd donated a membership last year to a kindergarten that had never been used. Said she had had experienced some amazing kindnesses recently and was paying them forward.

I was a mess. A few days later I'm still speechless which is saying a lot for me! How powerful is this kindness thing? I already try to practice kindness daily, I deeply believe in treating people how you want to be treated, but I'm just blown away.

Like seriously. I'll be actually showing up to that gym now, both for myself and because I am so grateful to her for her generosity. And I'll be paying it forward without qn. Wanted to share with people who'd appreciate it!!!


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