Good Samaritans Exist If You Have Faith!

By Farah • January 6, 2023

On Tuesday, my husband and I were going on a birthday getaway staycation in the city (Sydney) to celebrate my birthday. At one of the stations about to enter the Metro, I accidentally left behind a very valuable bag. Not just valuable in price but very sentimental as it was one of the gifts my parents bought me when I became a Doctor a few years ago from Germany. It also had some valuable items inside.

I thought I forgot it on the Metro and when I noticed 10 minutes later, my husband and I got off the train frantically looking for staff to tell them. I filed a report and notified all personnel but I can’t help it, it started to ruin my time away I’ve been waiting for for so long. I couldn’t help think about it I ever cried because it meant so much to me. I couldn’t even get myself to tell my mom because I didn’t want to upset her. After 24 hours I started to lose hope. My husband assured me that it will come back but my faith was running low. I thought surely if someone found it, they would have handed it in. By the time we got home yesterday, I officially gave up.

This afternoon while I was feeding my baby son, my husband walks to the front door as her hears the door bell ring. He comes up stairs and says “I have a birthday surprise for you…close your eyes”. I closed my eyes and opened and found my bag on my bed with everything inside of it. The lady looked me up on Facebook and tried calling so many times but because were not friends, I couldn’t receive the calls or messages. She found my address and returned it to me. I was over the moon!!!!!!! I texted her back and she apologized for taking long because she had long hours at work. She went through so much effort to get it back to me.

I will be sending her gifts and for her boys who helped her look for me. She sounds like such a beautiful person and she even suggested we meet up for a coffee to celebrate kindness and I will do just that!

Spread kindness. Spread beautiful behavior. It will come back to you I promise.


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