So Many Gifts

By Joseph J. Mazzella • November 28, 2022

I was sitting on a long, black, folding medical table. Beside me was a woman in scrubs talking about the cold change the weather had taken recently. A radio in the corner was playing Christmas music even though it was still weeks away. I took a sip from the bottle of lemonade I had brought with me so I wouldn’t get dizzy. I looked around at all the other people laying back on their medical tables too. Each one of us had a needle in our arms with a long tube running down from it filling a plastic bag below. Each one of us had come to give a precious gift to help others, make the world a better place, and perhaps even save a life.

It was the local blood drive and I had driven 12 miles across snowy roads to get there. I tried never to miss one even in the wintertime. In spite of all the time it took I felt blessed being able to give this gift back to others. I had been given so much in this life: a loving family, many friends, sweet adorable pets, a comfy home, and enough money to meet my needs. Every day my prayers always included the words: “Thank you God for my life.” The gifts I had been given felt wonderful, yet the one thing that brought me more happiness than anything else was giving something back. You see, in this life nothing brings you as much joy as taking your place in the great circle of Love that God created for us all. In this circle you receive and you give until it all becomes one. The more you give back, the more you get in return. The more love you let flow from your heart, the more love flows into it from above.

There are so many gifts you can give in this life too: a smile, a kind word, a few dollars, a hug, a caring letter or e-mail, and even a pint of blood. Each one of them is priceless and precious. Each one of them brings a little more Heaven into your heart. Each one of them makes God smile. May you fill your life with giving then. May you fill your life with Love.


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