2 Free Cow Cookies

By Leann • November 26, 2022

I was out shopping with my kiddos doing my best to budget the last of my paycheck. We stopped at a juice bar after going thrifting and I saw a lady with a little dog sitting on the bumper of a car with a sign that she was homeless and needed help. I had a few bucks I could spare and a couple bottles of water in my car and happily asked if she needed the water and handed her the bottles and the money. Turns out she is waiting to get on the waitlist for a shelter in January which is far too long. I asked her name and if I could pray for her and she said she goes by T and yes that’s fine. I put her in my prayers and will try to go back again soon to that parking lot to see if she needs ,more help.

The next day I was down to about $12 and pay day was one day away. I had to drop my middle son off at therapy for speech and Ot. He has special needs and over a dozen appointments weekly. During his time away I try to do something special with my 12 year old son and 2 year old daughter. We stopped by our favorite bakery for a coffee for mom and the amazing cow cookies Royal bakery has offered to guests for more than 30 years. Prices have been going up everywhere so I thought to ask about the price of the cows. They were 2.50 each and the chocolate chip cookie I always get was 1.99 which is the old price of the cows. I thought about not getting my coffee but figured I would only get two cows and my two children who were with me could eat them before we picked up my middle son. I let the baker know I had to keep it under 12.25 when she rang it up she said oh it’s 12.43 I told her sorry I’ll have to split the payment between my card and some loose change I had in my wallet.

Instead she rounded it down to 12 and after I thanked her and went walking out she told me to stop, and handed me an extra chocolate chip cookie and two more cow cookies. It was a small gesture but made me feel so happy to receive. When I told my son about this, he commented on how when we do one act of kindness it gets multiplied by 3. I believe that and I know in my heart it always feels good to give and do the right thing.


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