I Made The Truly Wise Decision To Do My Job

By Glory Fu • October 18, 2022

I have two options to carry out my job: calculatingly or devotedly.

To do my job by calculation is to sit down, look at the numbers, and decide whether it is worthwhile to do so. If I do my job calculatingly, I'll prioritize my own benefits over the people I serve. This working attitude will definitely restrict my passion, extinguish my belief and keep me stuck. Why? Because if I don't have a higher expectation for my job or a stronger desire to make a positive impact on others, my vision in that area will be obstructed, and the opportunity God is ready to bestow on me will pass me by.

Thus, I've decided to give my all to my work along the way. It has been nearly 30 years this year, and I have never questioned the initiative. Many things come and go, but I still place a higher value on the benefits of those whom I serve than on my own. I know what I'm doing and for whom I'm doing it. This type of working attitude fuels my passion and helps me grow in my faith. I am grateful to God that I made the truly wise decision to do my job.


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