An Act Of Creation

By Joseph J. Mazzella • October 17, 2022

It was Autumn here in the mountains of my home. Although the morning sun was out and the sky was clear the temperature hovered just above freezing. The cold nights had accelerated the changing of the leaves too and although we were still a few weeks away from peak colors the hills looked like Heaven.

I was walking over to my daughter’s house when her black cat, Alice greeted me in the road, walked around my legs, and meowed. I leaned down to scratch her head and pet her back. And as I did I looked at the loveliness of the leaves. The trees looked painted by God’s own hand. The reds were so deep and rich this year. The oranges were ablaze with brightness. And the yellows sparkled in the sunshine like tiny suns themselves. Even the fallen, dry, brown ones smelled wonderful. Just looking at them all warmed my heart. Standing there soaking in all that beauty I had a deep desire to create something myself. I wanted to create something full of the same love and beauty that God had created this world with. And at that moment I heard a whisper deep within my own soul. “You already do!”, it said.

Suddenly, I felt filled with Light and Love and I realized that my entire life here was an act of creation. Every smile I shared created Joy. Every hug I gave created Love. Every kind word I said or helpful thing I did created a little more goodness in this world. Even petting Alice the cat while she purred away created peace for both her and me.

The same is true for all of us. Our entire lives here are an act of creation. The only question is what are we going to create? I pray that you choose to create Love, that you choose to create Joy, that you choose to live each day in goodness, laughter, kindness, and light. Then each day of your life will be blessed and you will make the Creator of us all smile.


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