Strangers Help Elderly Woman Fulfill A Bucket List Item

By Joan • August 8, 2022

Yesterday we were traveling to "The Tip" of Australia at Cape York (for anyone not familiar that is the northernmost point on the mainland of Australia and is a fairly remote but very popular spot to visit) we were stopped by another traveller and told someone was being "winched out" and we couldn’t get passed.

We waited a while to see a car reversing back around the bend winching an elderly lady in a largish motor home. Turns out she was trying to fulfill a "bucket list" item of her late husband (and son) who had wanted to do "the Tip" she was traveling alone and had not been able to negotiate a water crossing and become stuck.

My post is to acknowledge the couple from Hervey Bay (don’t know any names) and their son, who not only winched her out but then secured her motor home and drove her to the Tip with them, helped her negotiate the last walking only 800 meters to get some photos and then drove her back to her vehicle.

Such a kindly gesture and I’m sure made her day because all she wanted to do was "get to The Tip"


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