A Tie Dye Blanket

By Jeneen • June 20, 2022

Yesterday I had a woman come into the shop I work asking if we had a tie dye blanket.

I walked her over to where I thought we had the only one and it was there. She got tears in her eyes and said her mom was in the hospital dying and had requested a tie dye blanket.

My heart swelled and I've never been so happy to find something that someone was looking for.

After I rang her up and she was turning to leave, something made me step out of my comfort zone and I asked her if she needed a hug.

She turned around slowly and nodded her head.

I walked around the counter and gave her the biggest hug and just held her for a moment as I told her I'm sorry, go be with your mom.

I'm not much of a hugger but that is a moment that will forever stay with me, my heart just broke for her.


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