A Rose

By Tania • June 9, 2022

Just over a week ago we lost me father in law to the dreaded “C”. Sucks big time.

A couple of days later my mother in law went to the local florist late one afternoon to buy some flowers to give to the staff of the nursing home where he spent the last 6 weeks of his life to say thank you for their care. She got into a conversation with the florist as to why she was buying the flowers and who they were for.

She bought them then thanked the lady and started walking to her car. As she got closer to her car she could hear someone calling out to her and she thought “Oh, maybe I left something behind” turned around and found the florist holding a rose for her.

I am so forever grateful to this stranger and her genuine care for someone who is grieving the loss of her husband of nearly 56 years.


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