Sometimes That's All They Need

By Kate • June 6, 2022

I'm going through a really hard time at the moment... I've got my 6 year old with me, a trolley full of groceries, and bedding and bags of clothes, a carseat and anything else that fits (looking a little homeless but just on my way back from being away for the weekend, waiting for a lift home) it's pouring with rain and it's freezing, so we go to the library where it's warm and quiet.

A lovely older lady approaches and asks if I'm okay, clearly I'm struggling and looking a little disheveled lol I hold back my tears and tell her I'm fine and that I'm just waiting for a friend so thought we'd hang out in the library.

She then proceeds to pull out $50 and asked if she could help me, I said not at all and that I'm okay but she insisted and popped it into one of my bags, said buy my boy something and take care. She disappeared before I could even thank her.

So now I'm sitting on the library floor having a cry and feeling overwhelmed... honestly, she doesn't know what that beautiful little bit of kindness has done for me. If you see another human struggling, just ask them if they're okay, sometimes that's all they need.


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