Supermarket Kindness

By Marie • May 26, 2022

Tonight I walked into my local supermarket, and as soon as I went through the glass doors I could tell something unusual was happening at the cash registers near the entrance.

I saw a cashier removing a few items from a customer's bags. The shopper was an elderly woman. I stood there and quickly realised that the cashier was taking items off the bill to reduce the amount needing to be paid.

I walked quickly over to the cash register, pulled cash out of my bag and showed it discreetly to the cashier. I motioned towards the items she was about to put behind her indicating that I'll pay for them. She put them back down at the register and again went to help the woman with her card but it still didn't work. I looked at the screen to see the amount and handed the cashier money then quickly walked away.

The older woman was a bit flustered and didn't notice me at all, and when she was told everything was paid for she was confused. I can't even begin to describe to you how sad this woman looked when I first saw her at the cash register.

I feel so very grateful I was able to help her out a little tonight and hopefully bring some joy and happiness into her life.


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