My 3 Year Old Daughter And I Were The Recipients Of A Few Lovely Acts Of Kindness Today

By Jessica • May 23, 2022

While sitting in the food court at a shopping center she had a terrible coughing fit, to the point she vomited the drink she had just consumed all over herself and her chair.

I was madly trying to stop to mess spreading while waiting for her coughing to subside enough so I could give her her asthma puffer when I ran out of napkins.

Two lovely ladies sitting next to us sprang into action and handed over what they had and asked if they could do anything.

A guy from the nearby McDonald’s brought over a cup of water as well.

Her coughing eventually slowed down enough for me to get some ventolin into her and we got on with our lunch.

When the two ladies from next to us got up to leave, they handed me a roll of Fruit Tingles for my daughter, which I was a bit touched by. Then they slipped me a few $$ notes! I tried to resist but they insisted. They were so lovely that I teared up.

What they didn’t know is that my husband died unexpectedly nearly 2 years ago and I'm now a solo parent supporting 2 kids, so that money came in very handy and paid for my daughter’s medication that I picked up straight after we finished eating.

So, thank you to the two beautiful ladies in the Carindale food court today


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