For Jack

By Gen • April 16, 2022

Tomorrow on Good Friday Ian and I are going to the Animal Emergency Hospital. We ended up there on Good Friday with Jack last year, and anyone that is there on a Good Friday is in bad trouble as the majority of vets are closed.

Jack was incredibly ill and they helped him. Before we left we said we are not rich (by any extent) but we want to do an act of kindness and give $1500 for someone they think really needs the help, which we did.

Within 18 hours the money ended up helping a single mother who's dog had been bitten by a snake. She had at least one child with autism, so the decision had to be made to help the child with the therapy the mother had booked, or help the dog. We were able to help the dog so she could support her family. The hospital gave her my mobile and I received a heartfelt message from a stranger saying thank you. The vets also said it restored their faith in humanity and good people which was nice.

Sadly I lost my best friend Jack almost 2 months ago now - we lost the battle. He was 14 and a half and such a beautiful boy and someone I feel privileged to share his and my life with.

Tomorrow we will go again in the morning to the Animal Emergency Hospital and give $1500 - a legacy for my beautiful boy Jack. And we are still not rich, but acts of kindness are important and emergency vets are not cheap. I hope our donation helps someone who finds themself in a dreadful situation tomorrow - and it helps their family stay together.


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