Today Is My Birthday And Didn't Have Anything Planned With Anyone

By Virginia • April 10, 2022

Feeling sad, I decided to take myself out for a birthday celebration breakfast (or brunch) by the time I arrived at my destination.

On arrival I followed a couple ladies into the cafe and waited to get a menu. One lady asked me if we got our own table or do the staff find one for the customers. I said I think you get your own and I’m looking at that small one as I’m here to celebrate my birthday. The cafe was rather full and they suggested we share a table together. I thought that was a lovely idea.

Went to order my meal and a drink and was told it had been ordered and paid for. On sitting at the table I offered to pay for my meal and was told that I don’t pay for my own breakfast on my birthday.

We had a beautiful 40 minutes together and we shared many like minded topics before they had to continue on their journey. It was more than I could have expected for the day. Thank you ladies - (Beck and Shayne) my lovely angels for the day. They inspired me to stop playing small and to share my wisdom and knowledge to those who need it.


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