The Library Cat

By Joseph J. Mazzella • March 28, 2022

I have always loved libraries ever since I was a boy. When you would go in the smell of the books promised fresh adventures, new learning, and wonderful imagination in their pages. Over the years I have read more books than I can count and visited the local libraries more times than I can remember. Now with the age of the internet and so many faces in screens instead of books I am concerned places like these will begin to fade away and we will lose all the joy they bring.

I stopped off at the library nearest my home just the other day. It was right off from the local grade school and had been my home away from home since I was young. I opened the door and walked inside. The librarian greeted me warmly and on the desk next to her sat a beautiful, black cat. The librarian explained that she was the library’s adopted cat and introduced us. Even though I knew I would get a royal sniffing from my dogs when I got home I scratched the cat gently on the head and smiled.

I gave the librarian a book I wanted to donate and then strolled into the back room to look at the books for sale. It was only a few seconds, though, before I had a visitor. The black cat had sauntered back to the room. She stretched. She sharpened her claws for a moment on the furniture. Then she jumped up on the shelf. She meowed and bumped her head up against my hand hoping that I would start petting her again. I smiled and complied. I petted her head, stroked her fur, and spoke sweetly to her while she rolled on her back and purred at me.

I thought that if only we could let our guard down and love as easily and openly as this cat then this world would be a lot more like Heaven. Maybe we all would be better if we traded in stretching for stress and naps for fighting. Maybe we would all be happier if we let our needs be known and took time out of our day for a little love and affection. I gave my new, furry friend a few more pets then walked out into the day thanking God for this moment of learning and love.

This world is full of wisdom. This world is full of love. God lets us learn it from people, from nature, from books and libraries, and occasionally from friendly cats. May you embrace it all. And may you share all you learn as well.


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