The Long And Winding Road

By Joseph J. Mazzella • March 17, 2022

I knew I wasn’t adopted when I was growing up. My older brother, Eddie and I looked too much alike and our faces were the perfect combination of our Mom’s and Dad’s. Still, I did feel different. My oldest brother, Tony was confident and outgoing. He could tell a story that kept you smiling and laughing all the way through. He still can, in fact. Eddie was also confident and had so many friends. He could also muster a booming voice that’s served him well as a teacher and coach. I, on the other hand, was quieter, more shy, and less outgoing than my brothers. I spent more time reading books. I wanted to learn everything. Being several years younger than them I also spent more time playing alone. I wasn’t as lonely as you would think, though. My imagination was a great companion in my solitude and part of me enjoyed the quiet of it all.

Looking back on the long and winding road of my life now, however, I can see that God in His Love and Wisdom made no mistake with me. Yes, I was different but God made me just the person I needed to be to live the life I have lived. My reading so much led me to start writing as well. My desire to learn everything helped me to tackle the biggest questions about love, faith, kindness, joy, life, and death and to share what I learned along the way. My pleasure in a quiet life made it easier for me to work from home and care for my two handicapped sons. Looking back on that long and winding road after having traveled it for 55 years I realized too that I was walking with God all the way. He was helping me to be who I needed to be, to do what I needed to do, to learn what I needed to learn, and to love the way He wanted me to love.

God makes no mistakes. He made each of us different for a reason. We each have a unique purpose in this life. It is our job to find it, to live it, and to love it. And as you walk down the long and winding road of your own life remember who walks with you every step of the way.


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