An Angel Walking Among Us

By Shell • March 3, 2022

Not sure how I can get this message to the most beautiful stranger.

Who is obviously an angel walking among us.

Thank you so much for your beautiful loving caring heart.

The story goes:

My 83 year old mum went out shopping today.

No big deal except she forgot her phone.

Mum went to Robina town centre.

When she finished shopping she went to the taxi rank.

They have a system where you press a button & they send a taxi.

After watching a while she tried the button again.

After waiting a bit longer she thought she would call me.

Then realised she had left her phone at home.

So now she gets upset & sits there crying I am sure people could see something was wrong but they just past her.

Until 2 hours later.

Her angel appeared a beautiful woman & her son stopped and asked if she was ok & through her tears she said she had been waiting there with her shopping for 2 hours for a taxi to get home & as angels do she drove her home. Thank you so so much for being a beautiful human


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