Random Acts Of Kindness

By Linda • February 11, 2022

From my daughter today: Was feeling down. Went grocery shopping and saw an opportunity to do a random act of kindness. I jumped at the chance! This is a sure fire way to turn a frown upside down (mama said so).

A man and his daughter were short on their bill so I swiped my card, quickly and quietly so as not to embarrass them.

He was so humble and grateful. Turns out Winco didn’t take his PayPal card.

Anyway. Fast forward… 45 min later I’m at Safeway and I pull my cart in. Unload and proceed to finish a text id started.

I looked up for the total and the lady said it was paid. I looked around to find The man and his daughter in the next line waiving to me saying thanks to me!

We fist bumped and agreed that we are all just trying to survive out here and there’s nothing wrong with helping another human get through a moment.


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