Worth More Than Money

By Karen • February 2, 2022

I dont want to brag, but I have the best husband in the world.

A few days ago we put a Foldable Bike for sale on Marketplace and a lovely man said that he wanted to buy it for his adult foster son, so that he could learn to ride a bike.

When we read the reply, my husband said to me "You know what I'm thinking? How about we give it to him for free?"

I definitely said yes.

When the gentleman read the reply, he was so appreciative, he couldnt stop saying thank you. Since he couldnt come and pick it up for a few days, my husband delivered it to his house the next day. When he got there there was a lovely box of chocolates left in the letterbox just for us.

The feeling we got from that, was worth more than any amount of money that we would've received from selling the bike.


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