Two Young Men

By Caithe • November 24, 2021

My Father-in-law lives in Mackay; independently. he is 92 and although spritely in personality, has slow movement. We rang him yesterday to check in after the wild weather. After making sure he is okay, he said: I’ve got something to tell you. He then told us how he had gotten his groceries and took them to his car. A young gentleman ( now that could be anywhere from 12 to 70, when you are 92 lol) stopped and said, “I will help you out your groceries in your car.”

Dad wasn’t sure at first but then said thank you. The man then unloaded the groceries and made sure they were secure. He then took the trolley back too. After a little chat, Dad said thank you again. And the man just said: no problems.

A couple of days later, Dad is at the bank in the queue. The “young” man behind him said, “I will hold your place, while we wait. There is a chair over there, go and sit down.” Dad said: "oh, why? Was I swaying or looking feeble?"

"No," was the reply, "I know my Dad would find it hard to stand for so long."

So Dad gratefully went and sat down. When the time came for Dad to get to the top of the line, a nod of the head and a smile conveyed gratitude and acknowledgement.

Dad said to us: "I’m happily surprised by the respect and care shown by these two 'young' men."

So, from us to those two men of indeterminate age, we say thank you for helping Dad in small but meaningful ways.


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