A Family To Bless

By Rochelle • August 2, 2021

Just yesterday someone I didn't personally knew messaged me and said that she was looking for a family to bless that day, and that God directed her to us, it was an answered prayer because God knew we were financially struggling at this time. She sent me $50 Au, enough to buy my two babies food and milk.

My initial plan was to keep some of it and use to buy even a small Peppa Pig cake for my daughter who is turning 3 this 4th of august, but instead of doing that I thought of sharing to others who are also struggling in life.

I immediately went to the grocery to buy them food, when I handed them two small plastic of goods I felt a warm feeling in my chest upon seeing the mother leap for joy while her children are excitedly digging into the plastic

My eyes swelled in tears seeing the joy in their faces specially the childrens, the blessing that was given to us by that kind hearted person extended into other families much more needy than us.

Those families are living in a mangrove area, their house was build right above mangroves, if it's high tide their house was full of water.

I thank God and that amazing woman who extended her blessing to us that im able to bless other as well even for just a day. I'm sure my daughter will understand if there's no Peppa Pig on her birthday.

blessing a family


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