By Sigrid • July 24, 2021

Yesterday I posted on Facebook a photo of me overlooking the ocean with the title‚ Missing my family 😞. I haven’t seen my family, which lives overseas, in almost 2 years due to Covid, and the longer it takes, the more disconnected I feel.

Today my doorbell rang. I opened the door and found an Uber eats' bag sitting in front of me. I was very surprised as I hadn’t ordered anything. The delivery lady was still sitting in her car, and when she saw me seemingly confused she got out and asked‚ "have you ordered Uber eats?"

In my mind I was like "no, I haven’t!" when I spotted a name on the bag which read Anj. Anj is a beautiful, loving and kind hearted colleague of mine who had texted me just before saying "are you home today?" So I replied "I haven't ordered anything but I know Anj".

Inside my kitchen I opened the bag to find two boxes with the yummyness you can see in the photo! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

In the meantime I have spoken to Anj to thank her for her thoughtfulness. She replied she wanted to brighten up my day as she knows how I feel because her family is overseas as well. What a wonderful gesture! No one has ever done anything like this for me before. What an amazing soul.


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