Kind Soul

By A Friend • April 12, 2021

Today my son aged 11 was on a bike ride with his friends. He had a brief issue with his bike which caused him to lose sight of his mates. He took a wrong turn and got lost in the suburban streets.

His moochie watch decided not to work as he tried to call me to help find him, and feeling very overwhelmed with anxiety he approached a man (who was riding his bike with his two kids) and asked him if he had a mobile phone he could use to call his mum (me) .

I then received a phone call from this kind man who told me my son was lost and asked me for directions to our home.

He rode with my son all the way home, with his two young children in tow. It was about 30 mins out of his way and his two kids peddled all that way!

Thank you kind soul for being there when my boy needed you.


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