Homeless Man Helping His Friend

By A Friend • September 4, 2020

Today I brought some hot dogs to this group of homeless guys that sit in the shade next to a gas station down the street from where I live.

I only had 5 buns so I could only bring 5 hot dogs and some sodas.

When I got there and told them I had some hot dogs for them i just saw a couple of their faces light up and that made me so happy.

But what this post is all about is after I had given out 4 of the hot dogs there was one more guy in line, but instead of asking for a hot dog for himself he just asked me to give the last one to an older man that was sitting 20 feet away and couldn’t stand or really speak very much.

Keep in mind this guy was just as skinny, and I assume just as hungry as the rest of these guys, but instead of getting the last hot dog for himself he had me give it the man who couldn’t walk.

That just taught me that no matter how little you have, you can still be a giving/loving/selfless person.

And in my opinion, being selfless is a whole lot harder when you hardly have anything to begin with.


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