Live In The Moment

By Judith Maduhu • June 24, 2020

Amy and Susan both live an average life.

They have an average house, an average job, and an average partner and average kids.

There is really nothing special about their lives, but there is also nothing really negative about their lives. They both lead perfectly normal existences.

And while Amy and Susan are both content, it always seems that Amy was happier than Susan.

Whenever Susan comes to visit Amy seems careless and happy. It always looks like nothing can trouble her.

She is the light of the party, always wears a big smile on her face and always incredible attentive.

Susan can rarely stop thinking about this. How is Amy so happy when they both lead such similar lives?

They go to the same grocery store, watch the same movies, even have incredibly similar schedules! How is that Amy can be so carefree when life is so stressful?

Between work, shopping, making dinner, thinking about what her boss wants, wondering when she will be promoted next, and having her own personal dreams, there is no way one can be so happy and stress free.

There is always a million things going on.

And whenever she asks Amy, Amy only says: “I just take life as it comes. Seems pretty easy then.”

So what is the difference between these two friends? How is it that Amys life seems so much better most of the time?

The problem with Susan is that she spreads herself too thin, not in terms of what she physically does, but more so in her own head.

While she tries to do everything at once, think about everything at once, Amy takes everything one step at a time. She is where she is, stays present in the moment and allows herself to be only focused on one thing at a time.

And that is all there’s to it.

When you live each moment to its fullest, when you deal with where you are and are present in the now, 99.999999999% of all the stress will go away.


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