My Views On Confidence

By Glory Fu Yu-Liang • May 20, 2020

What is confidence? Many people define confidence through materialistic images, such as one's job, money, social status, education, or features. My views on confidence have nothing to do with outward appearances. On the contrary, I believe that confidence comes from within. In other words, confidence is a positive attitude within us that makes an outward reflection through our behavior.

Confident people are equipped with a positive mindset, as well as an honest and unbending character. When facing difficulties, they are convinced that they can overcome them, and even make plans for the better. When things don’t go their way, they focus on other possibilities. If they encounter defeat, they quickly get back on their feet and don’t allow negative emotions to linger. Even if their hard work doesn’t pay off, they still believe that at least they have tried their utmost to overcome their challenges with courage. To them what counts in success is to stay active and positive. That is confidence.


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