What Has Really Made Not Only Me Happy, But Also Many Of My Neighbors, Even In Isolation

By Natalie Baker • May 16, 2020

My spiritual mentor Shakuntali Siberia once said: "Material things do not give us true happiness." I thought, "Is it really so? I love beautiful and expensive things, and they make me happy". Today I am sharing the good news about what has really made not only me happy, but also many of my neighbors, even in isolation.

We live in a new, strange world. My new dress hangs in my closet - I have nowhere to wear it. My expensive car is in the parking lot - I can't go anywhere. My card to a prestigious fitness center is on the hallway table - I haven't used it in a long time. Shakuntali Siberia was right - things do not make me happy.

Things don't make people happy.

Now, in the era of global quarantine, many people have lost ground under their feet. If we cannot achieve happiness in the ways we are used to, how can we achieve it then?

I asked Shakuntali Siberia my question. She replied that we can be happy by awakening God in other people. It is very easy to do it - you have to smile and say good words even to strangers.

The marathon of the good.

I have been thinking about it first, and then I decided to try it. I opened WhatsApp and found 7 chat rooms, where we usually discuss problems with neighbors, parents of my children’s classmates, and colleagues. I chose our house chat room and wrote: "Dear neighbors, wish you a good day! Everything will be all right!" And I added a funny smiley face. A few minutes passed and suddenly my phone simply exploded because of the huge amount of messages from my neighbors! People thanked me, wished me a good day too, and supported each other. Someone shared a funny song, someone sent a funny GIF with kittens, someone else sends a very funny meme.

And then I thought: "I've made so many people happy with just a few words. If each of us says one good word, how much happiness will be there in the world! This is why I'm launching the #kindwords marathon.

Let's write a couple of warm words to other people at least once a day! To doctors, volunteers, neighbors - anyone! Let's support each other in these difficult times. Let us reveal our main superpower given to us by God. This superpower is love!

I wish a good day to everyone who is reading these lines! Everything will be good!


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