A Teacher Parade

By A Friend • April 13, 2020

For background both of my parents are teachers, and with everything going on they haven’t been in school and have been doing all teaching virtually.

Now my father teaches in one of the middle schools in the town we live in, he’s been a teacher there for over 20 years since before I was even fully a thought. Everyone is having a hard time lately and understandably. Things are scary and weird and many can’t cope. A lot of students are struggling and having a hard time so the teachers in my district at his middle school decided to do something for the students and to show some pride for their school and students.

About an hour ago all of the teachers met up, made all their cars like nice and cool and took off. They are driving on a “parade” route on our side of town, blasting their horns and yelling out car windows. Many of their cars have balloons and signs taped on the sides (including my dads). My dad made a flag out of a shirt for the school and his bo staff. Everywhere right now I’m seeing videos from people who have seen this parade. And for the first time in weeks any pictures or videos have people with smiling faces, and people cheering and celebrating. I’m seeing students cheer and yell as they get excited seeing their teachers drive by.

This may get lost in the world but it really restored my faith in humanity seeing how these teachers get together and do something for their students.


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