A Visit To Akshardham Mandir

By Sonia Kaur • March 11, 2020

My brother-in-law wanted me to see the place 'Akshardham Mandir.' he is fond of this place, he visited many times. Yesterday on 10 March we decided to visit there.

I was very excited because I love exploring new places and it was the first time I was going there. We reached Akshardham, It is very beautiful temple, I knew it earlier but it is that beautiful I came to know yesterday.

My jiju (brother-in-law) bought ticket for us. We were total 8 persons I mean my entire family. We entered into the temple, we first entered through ten dwars. They were made so beautifully and water comes out as a shower in between till where the dwars ends. It was written outside on the stone that this shower is a 'shower of blessing' coming from the divine then we entered into a big corridor, There were statues of some gods on Corrido i.e Shiv- Parvati, Radha-Krishna, Sita-Ram and many more. It was a corridor of blessing of all the dieties.

The area inside the temple was so peaceful. It seemed that we have entered into different spiritual world. After that we went to watch little movies of Saint SwamyNarayan also known as Neelkanth. This temple is built in the memory of Neelkanth. There were 6 theater and we were shown little glimpse on his life major insidents. Every animated movie gives a life changing lesson.

After that we went to see the movie of 45 mins based on his life journey. How he traveled the whole India 12,000 Km 7 years on bare foot. All the hindrance he faced, all his teachings. I will not tell you the storey I want you all to go and see the Akshardham temple. It is worth watching. There was boating which shows the entire journey of all golden ages till today.

At the end we saw laser show with water fountain. It was awesome and peaceful place. It is like we are in another world. We had to deposited our mobile outside and honestly I never felt for a moment that I am missing something. Yesterday I really felt that social networking is not so important as we give it so importance. If you go there you would not even notice that you don't have mobile. You will not miss it. Honestly. After that we went to food court to have our dinner, food was so delicious then I, my sister and jiju went to buy something. Something means I love buy little things to keep it as a memory. I bought very small bowl and Chandan sticks for Tilak and their own made some candies.

I am still missing that place and I talked to my friend to visit their and very soon I am going again. I must say to all my readers to visit Akshardham Mandir. You will feel divine love.


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